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He approached sculpture through assemblies and collages, to move then on to the inclusion of objects embedded in resin.

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SCULPTURES Bronze and steel

He continued along his path, creating sculptures consisting of welded iron and steel assemblies, to arrive at veritable cast bronze and steel statues.

His artistic path led him to take up ever-new challenges, such as the casting of “Primitif”, a monumental bronze statue on permanent display at a height of 2450 metres, next to the “Motta Chez Gabriel” site in the high Valtournenche.


The Queen - 2015

cow head, bronze, mirrors, brushes, silicone, knife
60x50x30 cm

Post Mortem Meditation - 2013

welded iron, acrylic paint
50x50x20 cm

Mask of Humanity - 2016

welded iron, mirrors, oil paint, silicone, plastic
40x58x10 cm

Tears of Jesus with Gears - 2015

welded iron, gears, acrylic paint
30x40x20 cm

Mask - 2016

welded iron, steel, acrylic paint
20x38x25 cm

Skull - 2016

welded iron, steel, acrylic paint
22x35x28 cm

Chérie’s Horse - 2013

welded iron
23x28x8 cm

Small Horse - 2013

welded iron
18x31x5 cm

Post Mortem Meditation with Gears - 2013

iron, steel, gears, oil paint
45x60x25 cm

Woman’s Mask - 2008

iron and wood assembly
40x60x30 cm

Totem - 2011

welded iron
20x72x10 cm

Christ’s Soul - 2013

welded iron on an anvil
65x130x35 cm

Weapon of the Master Sculpture - 2016

steel and welded iron
5x35x2 cm

Mountains of Steel and Bronze

steel and bronze

Bull Statue

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