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GABRIELE Maquignaz

artista pittore scultore contemporaneo

 “ Going beyond time and space constraints, I establish an everlasting connection with the afterlife 

Gabriele Maquignaz was born in Aosta in 1972. Art ran in his blood and ever since he was a child Gabriele showed a natural inclination and a talent for creative manual skills, which later on would develop into a physical and spiritual need to express himself through painting and sculpture.

His early paintings were highly textured and colourful, obtained by assembling everyday objects in contexts characterised by extremely original ideas and structures: they were the prelude to a new art season that would see him forge and shape wood, clay, and metals of all kinds, creating sculptures, some of them monumental, whose most intense interpretive framework was the contraposition between Man, God and Nature.

Personal research into the theme of life and death, a veritable obsession for the artist already hard hit by personal experiences, was a key element of his art, a theme he experimented with and was central in his search for the essence of himself. The meeting with François Thévénin, a renowned sculpture living in Cannes, marked a turning point in his creations.

These experiments gave life to his Maquignaz Code, a full-fledged existential and art manifesto. The artist’s latest performance, Manifesto Codice Aldilà, gave rise to a new art movement, of which Maquignaz is the founding father. It was presented in Albissola Marina on 28 July 2018, at the historic Pozzo Garitta venue, across from the space where the founder of Spatialism, Lucio Fontana, had his atelier in the 1950s and 1960s. Maquignaz’s works have been exhibited all over the world, at public and private organisations, museums, foundations, galleries, Italian Cultural Institutes.

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